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Traffic exchanges

What is a traffic exchange? 

A traffic exchange is typically a service for webmasters or affiliate marketers to receive free traffic to their websites.  It is normally a membership site with different membership levels.  for example free, bronze, silver, etcetra.  Every traffic exchange has its own personality or theme built around the needs of its members.

How does a traffic exchange work?

A traffic exchange allows you to view or “surf” other people’s websites in turn for views to your website.  Some have a 1:1 ratio  which means that for every one 1 website you view you get 1 view back.  The upside is that you can generate views to your site fairly quickly and for free.

There are many types of different traffic exchanges.  Some just have clean pure surfing where you view sites and others view your site.  Some traffic exchanges have the following benefits depending on what membership level you have and what their demographic or theme is:  (These are just examples of benefits.  always make sure you know the benefits and features and membership levels of any traffic exchange that you join).

Benefits may or may not include:

  • Zubees
  • Porky points
  • Game pages with cash or credit prizes.
  • bonus pages.
  • Free upgrades, earn your upgrades, etc
  • dynamic surfing
  • random referrals
  • earn commissions on your referrals purchases of upgrades or credits
  • referral competitions
  • team surfing
  • Cash surfing / get paid for surfing
  • and many more!

There are lots and lots of new surfers joining traffic exchanges everyday meaning that there is always new and fresh eyes to your site.

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earn online honestly

Allinoneprofits – Honest and paying

Allinoneprofits has it all.  If you are looking to earn online and are tired of the BS sold to you by so many others then look no further.  Allinoneprofits is honest and paying and not going anywhere anytime soon.

AIOP works for everybody.  housewives, students, stay at home moms, retired, retiring,  part time or full time.

All In One Profits is the only company combining:
  •  innovative “Even up®” system
  • The most lucrative compensation plan in this industry…bar none!
  • Affordable : $10 monthly for Basic membership
  • $10 for each referral in your downline
  • 100% payout Basic level
  • Break even with your first referral ( One single referral will set you free )
  • Unlimited income $1000, $5000, $10,000…as much as you want
  • A business in itself, offering All the web tools every online marketer needs
            to build ANY business
  • A system that is affordable, profitable and works immediately
  • A Business Center,  including  autoresponder and web hosting services
           designed to help you build   ANY business you want
  • It is possible, no matter what level or skill you have in internet marketing!
  • Legitimate and affordable.
  • AIOP’s awesome advertising and expanding advertising network.

I can honestly say that this does not even scratch the surface of what AIOP offers.

I have been paid by them and I continue to be paid on time every time.  (for proof click HERE)

for more information on how AIOP can help you build your business and grow your earnings

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Explosivetraffic, traffic Coop

Explosive Traffic


Let me tell you internet marketing is one of the toughest yet rewarding jobs I have ever done. The game changes day by day and it can all be very overwhelming at first. But hang on, it gets better and soon you will feel like you have done this for ever!

Let us get straight into our topic for the day. Enjoy 🙂

Explosive Traffic

This is one of the oldest and most precious gems in your traffic generation arsenal ever. Basically it is a co-op. You promote your traffic agent link and in turn you get views from only the top and best traffic exchanges on the planet.

Features of Explosive Traffic:

1. 29,404 Members Have Already Received 283,761,483 real visitors from 4,486 different advertising sources

2. It is a co-op. You promote your traffic agent link in just a few or only your favorite traffic exchanges and you get seen everywhere. Only unique views guaranteed.

3. Brand new technology that blocks all the bad sources of traffic automatically.

What you get as an upgraded member:

Promote Unlimited Sites and Banners
Your Ads are Branded with Your Info
Target Your Ads by Country
1:1 Traffic Agent Earning Ratio
50% Commissions On Referral Purchases

You need not upgrade to benefit but it will take a little bit more promotion on your side.

Your Action steps for today:

1. Join Explosivetraffic by clicking: https://goo.gl/P1UK9A
2. Add your trafficagent link to all your favorite TE’s
3. promote, promote, promote.

Until my next email. stay safe. Happy promoting and watch out for the odd tip and trick sent in between mails every once so often.

Here’s to your continued online Success
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