Welcome to my AIOP team!

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Welcome to my AIOP Team.

If you have reached this page by accident or any other means and have not joined AIOP yet, no problem.  You can join one of our team members by following this link:  SIGNUP TO AIOP

Thank you for joining our Team.  I am committed to have you succeed.  I promote downwards for every member in my team.  As you will also subsequently do to ensure a sustainable, well organised community of earners and well established online business and to ensure that you build your business first and become successful.

Please follow the instructions as set down below and lets get started.

  1. It is very important that you contact your sponsor immediately after joining.  you can do this by logging into your AIOP Account and then following this link: https://allinoneprofits.com/members.php?b=2
  2. Join our skyperoom for support and introduce yourself to the team by clicking this link:  SKYPEROOM
  3.  Create your own team squeezepage.  You can do this by using your splashpage creator inside your AIOP Account.  They also provide you with templates that you can use for this purpose.  Make use of this function as it will help you tremendously to start with a basic but good and solid squeeze or splashpage to start with for your team.  PS:  As soon as you have your squeeze or splaspage up and running contact your sponsor with the link to your squeeze or splashpage so that your sponsor can add your page to his or her rotator and start promoting your Link as well.  If you are unsure about how to do this or you are struggling, contact me or your sponsor via the skyperoom so that I or the members of our team can help you get your page set up and get you going 🙂
  4. Now that your teampage is set up promote, promote, promote and promote.  I highly recommend you use Referralfrenzy in your promotions as well.  find out more about it here:  Referralfrenzy
  5.  As soon as you have your first paid referral, promote downwards.  This is the key to your success.  As your upline will be promoting for you, you will do the same for your team members.  Do this by using a rotator from the beginning to advertise your AIOP Referral link as at this point you will not have any referrals yet.  This will make the process a lot easier once you start getting team members in your team.  As soon as they sign up and join your team start promoting their referral link inside your rotator also.  This makes things a lot easier as you already have your rotator set up at your TE’s.  All that is left to do is just to add your team member’s referral link and keep on promoting.  I highly recommend using the rotator inside your AIOP Account for this purpose as well.

How to make the most of your Referral Frenzy account:

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