Welcome to my AIOP team!

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Welcome to my AIOP Team.

If you have reached this page by accident or any other means and have not joined AIOP yet, no problem.  You can join one of our team members by following this link:  SIGNUP TO AIOP

Thank you for joining our Team.  I am committed to have you succeed.  I promote downwards for every member in my team.  As you will also subsequently do to ensure a sustainable, well organised community of earners and well established online business and to ensure that you build your business first and become successful.

Please follow the instructions as set down below and lets get started.

  1. It is very important that you contact your sponsor immediately after joining.  you can do this by logging into your AIOP Account and then following this link: https://allinoneprofits.com/members.php?b=2
  2. Join our skyperoom for support and introduce yourself to the team by clicking this link:  SKYPEROOM
  3.  Create your own team squeezepage.  You can do this by using your splashpage creator inside your AIOP Account.  They also provide you with templates that you can use for this purpose.  Make use of this function as it will help you tremendously to start with a basic but good and solid squeeze or splashpage to start with for your team.  PS:  As soon as you have your squeeze or splaspage up and running contact your sponsor with the link to your squeeze or splashpage so that your sponsor can add your page to his or her rotator and start promoting your Link as well.  If you are unsure about how to do this or you are struggling, contact me or your sponsor via the skyperoom so that I or the members of our team can help you get your page set up and get you going 🙂
  4. Now that your teampage is set up promote, promote, promote and promote.  I highly recommend you use Referralfrenzy in your promotions as well.  find out more about it here:  Referralfrenzy
  5.  As soon as you have your first paid referral, promote downwards.  This is the key to your success.  As your upline will be promoting for you, you will do the same for your team members.  Do this by using a rotator from the beginning to advertise your AIOP Referral link as at this point you will not have any referrals yet.  This will make the process a lot easier once you start getting team members in your team.  As soon as they sign up and join your team start promoting their referral link inside your rotator also.  This makes things a lot easier as you already have your rotator set up at your TE’s.  All that is left to do is just to add your team member’s referral link and keep on promoting.  I highly recommend using the rotator inside your AIOP Account for this purpose as well.

How to make the most of your Referral Frenzy account:

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Exclusive – Interview with the owner of TheDownliner – Jay Carey

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The interview:

1. Thank you first and foremost for giving us this interview. I am a huge TheDownliner fan and it is truly an honor for me. I think the question all of us want to know is what is your online background? Can you tell us a little bit about your online journey up to now?

 I’ve been in the Sales and Marketing industry pretty much my whole working life and started out as a door-to-door salesman when I was 17. From that point I moved onto Telesales which was pretty easy considering how frustrating D2D can be but after a few jobs in this sector something became apparent to me. I won’t go into that because I think it’s only something someone can learn through experience and me simply telling you will not be enough to convince anyone.

So anyway let’s just say from that point I left the Sales part of my industry and moved onto the Customer Service side where I learned how to read personalities and analyse issues and create solutions to explain in a simple to understand manner for the consumer. Which helps a lot when you are looking to identify gaps in a market rather than rinse and repeat the same product and work to convince a person they need it.

During this time I had just got into the online side of sales/marketing and got chatting to a German guy about a cash gifting program (which i won’t name here), however at the time I was quite new to this and was unaware exactly how models in internet marketing worked otherwise I would’ve turned the offer down immediately. Problem was this guys Sales pitch was very convincing and not once did he mention the term Cash Gifting so I decided to give it a go.

Six months and 14 hours per day spent marketing this product had me coming to the realization that maybe this wasn’t the fantastic program I had been sold as if the fact i had not made a single sale, not to mention the hundreds of other similar programs I had come across whilst promoting, had not helped to convince me otherwise so I dropped it and moved on.

Then I decided that instead of listening to these ‘gurus, entrepreneurs, leaders, whatever you want to call them’ I would instead listen to myself and find something of value that I would need to do my job and then sell it to others knowing they would need it as well and that’s when the tables turned from endless surfing/mailing to real conversions.

Something was still missing though and I think you know what it was…

2. When one first starts off on an internet career it can be daunting. How has the learning process been for you and were you frustrated at times?


I’ll be honest with you now and tell you the learning process has been a nightmare. There are of course eureka moments and those make you feel like you are actually accomplishing something rather than wasting your time but these events were few and far between and for most of the time I felt like a factory worker repeating the same function over and over again with no justification for doing it.

Frustrated is not strong enough a word to describe network marketing. Mind-numbingly tedious would be a better phrase but I always like to keep myself busy when promoting so that helped.

3. Was there ever a time that you thought that giving up on your online journey is just easier or have you ever considered just throwing in the towel and what motivated you to carry on with your online career?

On more than one occasion you will reach a point where you want to just pick up your computer screen and hurl it across the room and be done with the whole thing and it has happened to me a few times. The trick is to learn if something is not working and you have given it enough time then look for something else that works better.

Set yourself a monthly goal and stick to it. For example start with a number. It doesn’t have to be big so let’s say $25. Then do what you do to earn that $25 over the course of the month. If you succeed then set another goal. This time more than $25 and work to surpass it each month. If you don’t make the goal then lower it or change what you are doing.

You may think $25 is not a big goal but the point of setting a goal in the first place is to see if what you are doing right now is enough to reach it. If it isn’t then perhaps it’s time to change what you do.

Also I just want to clarify with my statement about leaders and gurus earlier. I am not a guru and honestly I have little respect for either because I have seen what they do to be considered as such and it’s the reason I left the Sales side of my job. To be honest there are very few actual leaders online and in this business all you have to do is buy a list of people and preach to them to be considered one. In this industry I personally compare what you would refer to as a guru and entrepreneur to nothing more than a snakeoil salesman with very few ethics.

4. What advice would you give any newby or even not so new marketer out there?

Look at whats out there and do your research before wasting your time promoting it otherwise you will spend a very long time promoting nothing that benefits you. My main rule is to always have a backup. You never know when something will just stop existing online and when it does you can lose all of your income so make sure you set yourself up with at least 3 programs that pay you.

5. What is the thing that frustrates you the most about online marketing?

Blind ignorance. Very few people research anything before jumping into it head first at the command of a so-called leader but I suppose you could say the same thing about Society in General because we have Celebrities endorsing products for the money and the people are convinced it’s because of the quality and go out and buy it for that reason alone.

It comes back to the reason I have little respect for leaders because their only advantage is they know more people than the next person regardless of how educated they are in a field.

That’s not to say I have no respect for anyone in the Industry. There are many I respect because I know how hard they have worked and still do to get where they are today. Also it seems many of the former so-called leaders have a habit of pushing the short term, quick cash ponzi systems which really have no future for anyone wanting to really get into the Internet Marketing industry. Here one day and gone the next.

6. What motivated you to start TheDownliner?

 I have been using marketing systems like Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, PTC, PPC, CPA, Social you name it for 16 years and I learned the hard and ultimately time consuming way to market products and let me tell you it’s not pretty. In short before i created The Downliner the process was basically to set up a spreadsheet and join hundreds of Traffic Exchanges and Safelists then put the details (login, surf time, etc) into the spreadsheet and work your way down the list daily updating it as you go on.

I don’t know about other marketers but I saw this as a really convoluted way to accomplish what could easily be done through collaboration after all we all market for the same reason so why not do it in a way that feels like we are working together to achieve our goals regardless of what we were promoting?

And so my idea for TheDownliner was born. A system where you no longer had to keep a huge list of details in order to reach a bigger audience and instead you could join maybe 3-5 exchanges and benefit from other exchanges without even being a member in them. The idea was simple enough but the execution not so easy because it required a level of security and monitoring not used before in Traffic Exchange marketing.

The result was a safe and user friendly hub where members could finally feel like they were part of a bigger machine instead of lone rangers fighting a lonely war and this is why since launching I have maintained the ability for any member to join in our live chats and suggest other features to further expand on the Cooperative Community environment.

A Cooperative only works when it has Cooperation otherwise it cannot be called a Cooperative. I think that’s what we have here and I intend to expand on that idea as we go on.

7. How important is time management for those of us who work a job offline and also do online marketing?

There’s no doubt that time management is one of the hardest things to overcome when someone decides to start earning a second income from home and it’s probably the reason why there is a major lack of research involved when choosing what to promote but to those having difficulties all I can suggest is that anyone who wants to turn their online job into their main income job needs to treat what they are doing as if it was a second job.

Set yourself up then promote as if you were working a part-time job. Treat your new business not as a hobby but as a serious move on your part to remove yourself from the 9-5 lifestyle. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen to those who strive to make it happen.

8. What advice would you give someone who want to quit their dayjob and start marketing online full time?

 If you are just starting out in Marketing and don’t yet have an income from it then I would personally suggest you do not quit your day job until you are in a position to survive on what you are making online because like I said before, this does not happen overnight and it can be tough.

I’m not going to be the one who fills your head with images of the expensive Yacht sailing off into the distance with untold riches on the deck because that’s simply not going to happen. Be realistic and set yourself realistic goals. Only you can change your own destiny and like an offline job it takes effort on your part.

9. Name 3 negative things about online marketing.

1. Laziness
2. Misinformation
3. Stupidity

10. Name 3 positive things about marketing.

1. Possibilites through effort
2. Teaches routine
3. Ability to meet new friends

11. What skills do one need to learn according to you to become as successful as you online?

Patience is the biggest thing you need to learn because nothing happens overnight and there will be times you look at yourself and ask why you waste you time and have nothing to show for it. Trust me. I’ve been there!

Routine is a great thing you can learn and with this you can set your goals and complete tasks and really get an idea of how much your efforts are paying off. It doesn’t work if you just market when you feel like it. Set yourself a goal and work a routine to reach that goal.

12. How do one keep motivated to keep on promoting and not give up?

Everyone has their own answer as to how they keep motivated but my one would be the fact that TheDownliner is always here to help anyone who may be struggling. It’s the reason I set up a live chatroom in the first place. So you no longer feel isolated. Join us sometime 🙂

13. Lastly, what is the most important thing for anybody who wants to make a success online to know?

Reality is the hardest thing to accept in this industry but once you do your success within it can progress much faster.

Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it and I just want to say that TheDownliner rocks!

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Traffic exchanges

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What is a traffic exchange? 

A traffic exchange is typically a service for webmasters or affiliate marketers to receive free traffic to their websites.  It is normally a membership site with different membership levels.  for example free, bronze, silver, etcetra.  Every traffic exchange has its own personality or theme built around the needs of its members.

How does a traffic exchange work?

A traffic exchange allows you to view or “surf” other people’s websites in turn for views to your website.  Some have a 1:1 ratio  which means that for every one 1 website you view you get 1 view back.  The upside is that you can generate views to your site fairly quickly and for free.

There are many types of different traffic exchanges.  Some just have clean pure surfing where you view sites and others view your site.  Some traffic exchanges have the following benefits depending on what membership level you have and what their demographic or theme is:  (These are just examples of benefits.  always make sure you know the benefits and features and membership levels of any traffic exchange that you join).

Benefits may or may not include:

  • Zubees
  • Porky points
  • Game pages with cash or credit prizes.
  • bonus pages.
  • Free upgrades, earn your upgrades, etc
  • dynamic surfing
  • random referrals
  • earn commissions on your referrals purchases of upgrades or credits
  • referral competitions
  • team surfing
  • Cash surfing / get paid for surfing
  • and many more!

There are lots and lots of new surfers joining traffic exchanges everyday meaning that there is always new and fresh eyes to your site.

Thank you for reading my post.  Have an awesome day  🙂



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Allinoneprofits – Honest and paying

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Allinoneprofits has it all.  If you are looking to earn online and are tired of the BS sold to you by so many others then look no further.  Allinoneprofits is honest and paying and not going anywhere anytime soon.

AIOP works for everybody.  housewives, students, stay at home moms, retired, retiring,  part time or full time.

All In One Profits is the only company combining:
  •  innovative “Even up®” system
  • The most lucrative compensation plan in this industry…bar none!
  • Affordable : $10 monthly for Basic membership
  • $10 for each referral in your downline
  • 100% payout Basic level
  • Break even with your first referral ( One single referral will set you free )
  • Unlimited income $1000, $5000, $10,000…as much as you want
  • A business in itself, offering All the web tools every online marketer needs
            to build ANY business
  • A system that is affordable, profitable and works immediately
  • A Business Center,  including  autoresponder and web hosting services
           designed to help you build   ANY business you want
  • It is possible, no matter what level or skill you have in internet marketing!
  • Legitimate and affordable.
  • AIOP’s awesome advertising and expanding advertising network.

I can honestly say that this does not even scratch the surface of what AIOP offers.

I have been paid by them and I continue to be paid on time every time.  (for proof click HERE)

for more information on how AIOP can help you build your business and grow your earnings

click HERE


Explosivetraffic, traffic Coop

Explosive Traffic

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Let me tell you internet marketing is one of the toughest yet rewarding jobs I have ever done. The game changes day by day and it can all be very overwhelming at first. But hang on, it gets better and soon you will feel like you have done this for ever!

Let us get straight into our topic for the day. Enjoy 🙂

Explosive Traffic

This is one of the oldest and most precious gems in your traffic generation arsenal ever. Basically it is a co-op. You promote your traffic agent link and in turn you get views from only the top and best traffic exchanges on the planet.

Features of Explosive Traffic:

1. 29,404 Members Have Already Received 283,761,483 real visitors from 4,486 different advertising sources

2. It is a co-op. You promote your traffic agent link in just a few or only your favorite traffic exchanges and you get seen everywhere. Only unique views guaranteed.

3. Brand new technology that blocks all the bad sources of traffic automatically.

What you get as an upgraded member:

Promote Unlimited Sites and Banners
Your Ads are Branded with Your Info
Target Your Ads by Country
1:1 Traffic Agent Earning Ratio
50% Commissions On Referral Purchases

You need not upgrade to benefit but it will take a little bit more promotion on your side.

Your Action steps for today:

1. Join Explosivetraffic by clicking: https://goo.gl/P1UK9A
2. Add your trafficagent link to all your favorite TE’s
3. promote, promote, promote.

Until my next email. stay safe. Happy promoting and watch out for the odd tip and trick sent in between mails every once so often.

Here’s to your continued online Success
Alta Els

the downliner, traffic Coop


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This is an awesome co-op, traffic generation system. It is definitely on my most favorite list. Not only do they show your adds or websites on 13095 traffic exchanges, but in addition they have delivered 128,108,085 banner views,
1,305,448,652 text ads and 17,759,353 social posts! They also have one of the most friendly and responsive admins on the planet!

Features of Thedownliner include:
1. Post to all social media accounts without even needing your own social media account.

2. AIOP Machine – They promote AIOP for you, as upgraded member you get included in the AIOP machine which promotes your link for you and gets you 6 guaranteed AIOP signups without you having to lift a finger.

3. It is a co-op! – You promote your coop link only and in turn you get shown everywhere on the web! Now that is value beyond measure.

4. As upgraded member you get paid commissions honestly and on time everytime. Here is what you get as upgraded member:

50% Discount on Shop purchases*
30% Commissions
Add 10 Campaigns
6,800 Bonus Shop Points*
Link Stats
1:1 Point to View ratio
5:1 Referral Point to View ratio
Dynamic Splash Page
Access to Social Posting Feature*
Random Referrals
Contact your Downline

of course you can use The Downliner as free member and get the same awesome results.

Your Mission should you choose to accept it:
1. Join the Downliner by clicking HERE
2. Add your URLS under the campaigns.
3. Start promoting your COOP and get seen everywhere!

Here is to your continued online success!!!